Label services vs Distribution companies

– Getting your music out there –

Are you a musician and have just finished your first single, ep or album? Or are you already in the eyes of the public but want to change the way you are getting your music out there?

In this post I will compare two services that you could use for putting your music on various social streaming platforms and explain what the difference is between a label service and a distribution company. They are called Kobalt and Spinnup.

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On this blog I will talk about the music industry as a part of my course at BIMM. I am a first year student taking the Music Business degree, before BIMM I studied Music production in Sweden. If you wish to read more about the author of this blog, you can do so here.

Digital music and social media is a huge part of the music industry today and it is expanding every day which is why it is so important to understand if you want to be in the music industry.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and findĀ it somewhat useful.